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About Dr. Angel B. Hakim


Dr. Angel B. Hakim Ph.D

Master Spiritualist/Clinical Psychologist  

Angel is the daughter of a Southern Prophet and Root Doctor. Her consulting business has been in effect for over thirty-five years, and Angel Currently practices energy work that is based on the art of the Root.  The root is not a religion but a cultural belief that has existed for many centuries in the African American culture. In the United, States Its origination is in the deep south and belief of the African culture that migrated to the Carolinas to New Orleans.   The art is one of a unique few that is still practiced and is true to the purpose of the power itself. Angel is trained in the art and has been assisting many all over the world with resolving spiritual attacks using the art to bring about a resolution. 

Angel has a gift that allows her to see the road ahead of her clients.  She also provides the client with a way to change their course and quality of life for the better by utilizing the personal internal power they have to change the direction of their destiny.  First, she provides spiritual cleansing and then works to empower the client to visualize a positive way of thinking and acquiring control over their own decision-making and their ability to control their own life.   


For over 35 years, Angel has administered support to her clients as a Spiritual Guide and Master Life Coach with various tools of divination, for those experiencing spiritual attacks and in need of spiritual empowerment. Angel contributes to the positive success of her clients to her spiritual gift, and the program she uses to assist them to achieve success.​

With Angel as your Spiritual Life Coach; obstacles in your life can be accessed truthfully to determine what spiritual preventive measures are required to get you back on track. She works with clients to help them illustrate the reasons why their lives may be in disharmony and work closely with the client on their road back to empowerment. Angel is a Reiki Master, consultant in the antiquity of Root Work, a reversal of curses, evil eye, Dream Interpretation, and the other spiritual arts.​

We Are a Black Owned Business

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